Representative Agency

The Issue

Too often relationship between firms and their agents is confused, blurred, and with no clear objectives to be met. This results into a mix of false expectations, disappointments, misunderstandings. Eventually, time get wasted and money too, on both sides. 

What we think 

We plan to give the traditional job of a representative agency in a new way, more innovative and reliable.

The causes of the issue can be identified as the lack of knowledge of the industry and the specific features of a market and the Country.  

Our Solution 

We support and represent only firms that we think can add value and have a potential in a specific market, by offering a free-of-charge strategic analysis. Only after that, we share our business development plan with the firm and set a series of specific timed goals to be achieved. 

What you get 

Your company will establish a long-lasting relationship with your customers. That's because we offer constant follow up to your customers, ensuring prompt feedback and proposing new ways to make business from time to time.