International Sales & Marketing

What We Do

NDV International helps you structuring and effectively develop your Sales & Marketing activities, both operational and strategic. 
We work hand in hand with your team, for the time you choose, bringing our in-depth knowledge and expertise into your company.

Our Activities consist of: 

  • New customers search.

  • Management of your existing customers, directly and always in agreement with your strategy.

  • Trade shows planning and participation to events on your behalf;

  • Traditional and Digital Marketing.

  • Branding strategy and implementation.

  • Strategic analysis of the products and solutions to offer, according to the Country in which you want to invest.

  • Publicity, merchandising and promotions, in local language.

Our Approach

We live in a global world, in which technology affects our lifestyle and so the way we do business. We rely heavily on our global network, in order to deliver each piece of Service in the most cost-efficient way and at the best quality. We do believe that Outsourcing is the key for success in today's world, otherwise it is very hard to be competitive.

By segmenting in a very clear way all the activities and devlierables that will be given to Your Company, we ensure objectives are achieved, with no risk from your side.

Your Benefits

We only offer you what we are good at, so that joining our forces will contribute to bring sucess to Your Firm.

By working with us, you will get: 

  • Considerable cost reduction in all Sales activities. 

  • No more language barriers. 

  • Customized Marketing content for each Country.